Crowborough Rotary and Food Bank volunteers raising awareness

Crowborough Food Bank

Helping to raise awareness

Crowborough Rotary has been lending its support to the Crowborough Food Bank. A few of our members had a very enlightening visit to see the food bank in operation. We also helped raise funds at the firework night, the food bank being one of the Mayor’s charities.

Over three days in November, Rotary members also joined food bank volunteers on a stall at the Tesco supermarket. The aim was to build awareness of the food bank for those who may need it and those who can contribute.

There has been a growing need for the Food Bank in Crowborough in the last two years. Currently, they support 150 individuals and families. They provide emergency support and recently helped a young lady in Lamberhurst who had not eaten for four days.

The Crowborough Food Bank operates for Crowborough and surrounding areas, Rotherfield, Mayfield, Five Ashes, Wadhurst, Mark Cross and Lamberhurst. Client referrals come from various outside agencies such as the CAB, Alderbrook Community Association, Social Services, District Nurses, the NHS and other community support groups.

During the clubs’ visit to the food bank, it became clear the premises at the United Church in Croft Road is not suitable. They are looking for warehouse premises, Rotary will be using their contacts to see if they can help in this process.

Crowborough Rotary Club