Crowborough Rotarians at the Crowborough Carnival

Working together in Crowborough

Making a difference for our community

If you are looking for

Great company and friendship
Joining in amazing fund-raising events                    
Working with others to make a difference

Come and join the Rotary team

The Rotary Club is looking for new volunteers to join the team dedicated to providing vital funding and practical help for local families, the vulnerable and the elderly who are struggling with even the basics of life. Since 2021 the Rotary Club has raised over £5,000, given to the Food Bank, children and family charities and those looking after the elderly which is bringing support and hope across our community.

Explore this website to see some of our fantastic events and projects, and more details of our achievements and ambition.

Our members have found friendship, a strong sense of service and purpose, knowing that the club is making such a difference to people’s lives. New volunteers will find a warm welcome and many opportunities to use your time, skills and experiences.  

If you are interested in joining this vibrant organisation and help make a real difference to our community or you just would like more information about Crowborough Rotary Club, please contact:

Graham Bucksey; Club President
Linda Halton; Club Secretary

“Rotary is a global organisation dedicated to helping make the world a better place and here in Crowborough many people can be thankful for the funds we have raised and the partnerships we have established so that together we make our community a great place to live”

Graham Bucksey President of Crowborough Rotary

Crowborough Rotary Club